Crocodisk and me

One Tuesday morning in April, I got up and said to myself that this potty should be dressed up to make it more attractive. I remember the moment my son peed in the snow for the first time. It was extraordinary!

So I made a sticker that produces a ‘magic’ effect to customise this famous plastic potty.

It wasn't easy in terms of the materials to use to achieve the desired effect. But with perseverance, I was able to find solutions.

I created the animated character. My son helped me with the process. He showed it to all his friends who immediately adopted it. Here’s the feedback:

Ciara, 4 years old: Oh, he's cute, we want to play with him

Emilien, 5 years old: His eyes are so nice, I love him

Claudio, 3 years old: I want it

Vanille, 4 years old: He's so cute, he has a rainbow

Nicolo, 4 years old: Oh, he's a crocodile, he smiles. Can I have it, Miss? 

I really want to make your life easier with a little help and, above all, with some fun. 

I hope my wacky invention will make a lot of kids laugh with their parents while potty training.

Ecology is very important to me. If by buying my invention, you can reduce the number of nappies ...

Let’s think about our little ones and the future. 

Let's take care of our land for the future of our children!


Médaille de Bronze - Concours Lépine International Paris 2021